Review of Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old

Looking for the best baseball glove for 4 year old to 5 years old kids? We know how difficult it is to choose any of the options available in today’s market. In order for children to enjoy their game, it is important to start with the right baseball glove. Choose the right tool for you and you will get a permanent game fan for your whole life.

Every year, millions of kids start playing baseball. Starting with the smallest T ball glove for 4 year olds then they enter the Little Leagues, and each child needs their own best T ball glove for 4 year old.

Not affiliated with any organized league? After choosing the smallest size baseball glove 5 year old from this article, take your kids to the park and start playing by throwing the ball.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old Rawlings Boys Players Series 9-inch Best Tee Ball Glove for 4 Year Old

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Our Rating for Product

  • Franklin Leather Baseball Glove- 10/10
  • Franklin Youth Batting Glove- 9.9 / 10
  • Synthetic Leather Glove- 9.8 / 10
  • Synthetic Youth Fielding Glove- 9.9 / 10
  • Mizuno Prospect Power Glove- 9.5 / 10
  • Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove- 9.9 / 10
  • Rawlings Youth T ball / T ball glove for 3 year old and T ball glove for 4 year old- 9.6 / 10
  • Franklin Youth Baseball Glove 9-Inch- 9.8 / 10
  • Boys Players Series 9-INCH t ball glove for 5 year old- 9.9 / 10
  • MLB A200 T ball glove for 3 year old and T ball glove for 4 year old- 10/10

We’ve reviewed all of the baseball gloves options for kids (from very young children to 5 year olds) and selected the top 10 baseball glove 5 year olds from all of these options.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Franklin Leather Baseball Glove – Rtp Performance

Franklin Sports is a major equipment provider for junior players and for young leagues with gears included. Most of their equipment is specially made to help children play with high school approves baseball bats.

Franklin Sports RTP performance best T ball glove for 4 year olds gives players a high level of feeling. This girl baseball glove light and comfortable while playing on the field which makes girl baseball glove easy for the players to use.

This best T ball glove for 4 year olds has a variety of unique colors that make it a great choice for both boys and girls. For beginners who are just beginning to learn baseball, this is a highly recommended and specially made girl baseball glove and best tee ball glove.

This 5 year old baseball glove construction material allows for a smooth transition during play. It’s a perfect girls baseball glove and T ball glove for 5 year old to wear on the field. Your child will feel like he’s a big star, they’ll feel more comfortable and obviously more confident when they play.

Special Features

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Includes own ball for personal use
  • Strong grip so that the player’s hand does not slip while playing
  • Great overall quality

Special Note

  • Product weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Product size: 9.9 inches by 8.3 Inches by 5 inches
  • Producer: Franklin Sports
  • Company included
  • Model: 22705S4
  • Player age: 4 and 5 years old
  • Warranty: 90 days

Fit / Feel

Franklin Sports RTP (Ready to Play) Tee Ball performance glove gives players a custom fit design to fit their hands.

The end of this baseball glove 5 year old has a Velcro loop that tightens the grip on any player’s hand and protects the glove from slipping. This T ball glove for 5 year old is made with a synthetic palm and shell to make it more comfortable at the time of use.

This performance glove matches the overall structure of your hand to provide a more comfortable feeling and better performance.


  • Custom fit
  • Lightweight
  • A comfortable and great contour on the hands
  • Affordable price range
  • Soft material
  • Increases player performance ability
  • No break-in required


  • Most suitable for right-handed players.

Why Do We Recommend Using the Franklin Leather Baseball Glove?

There are several types of gloves on the market, but Franklin Sports Inc. They really took extra time to make their product stand out. This best baseball glove for 4 year old texture and feel of comfort are unique and it is available in a variety of interesting colors that kids will love.

This is a great way to improve your child’s learning process and increase their skills and even includes a tee ball to make it easier for you to use and practice.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Synthetic Leather Baseball Glove – Ready to Play

Just as always expected, Franklin sports incorporated is always ready and present to surprise us with their great and quality gloves. We especially like it among the best toddler baseball gloves on the market.

This best baseball glove for 4 year old comes with a neoprene coating to apply to the palms of the hands which makes it easy for your baby to catch the ball. Additionally, in addition to its variety of features and beauty, it also includes a ball of its own.

If your child is ready to go to the field and start playing baseball, this is a great first glove to use.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old Synthetic Leather Baseball Glove - Ready to Play

Special Features

  • Own personal best tee ball glove
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Neoprene Coating
  • Soft mesh construction
  • Handmade pockets

Special Note

  • Product shipping weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Product size: 6.5 inches x 4.1 Inches x 6.4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports Incorporated
  • Model: 22851
  • Player age: 4 – 5 years
  • Warranty: 90 days

Fit / Feel

Franklin sports Neo-grip tee ball glove provides a beautiful and perfect feel and strong grip. Its Neoprene palm ball makes it relatively easy to catch, which increases the quality of children’s performance.

Its soft foam construction material provides a comfortable feeling for the player and for first-timers it creates a very comfortable feeling while using it.


  • Suitable for small children
  • Smallest baseball glove
  • Can be squeezed very easily
  • There are access opportunities for both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Includes a Velcro wrist strap which is easily adjustable for a better and perfect fit.
  • Lightweight
  • Made with synthetic leather


  • Made suitable for children’s baseball play so if used for playing ordinary baseball (which is harder), there is not much padding space for palms.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Synthetic Leather Baseball Youth Fielding Glove

The Franklin Sports Meshtek Series TeeBall Glove is perfect for your child if you like to see your child enjoy playing time and if he or she prefers color features that can be distinguished from everyone else.

Its lightweight structure makes it consistent and readily available for babies and 4-5 year olds who are just starting to play.

Its technical mesh shell construction provides youngsters as well as first-timers with a comfortable fit during play that helps them improve their game quality.

This best baseball glove for 5 year old is made of soft fabric material so you do not have to break it at all to use this glove. It is comfortable, compatible with your hands and looks great! ER: What more could you ask for? The best baseball glove for kids.

 Special Features

  • Ball is included in the package
  • Technical mesh shell construction
  • Meshtek technology
  • Soft mesh material
  • Handmade pockets
  • No break-in required

Special Note

  • Product weight: 0.45 ounce
  • Product size: 7 inches x 4.7 Inches x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports Incorporated
  • Model: 22812
  • Age of the player: From child – 4/5 years old
  • Warranty: 90 days

Fit / Feel

The Franklin Sports Meshtek Series TeeBall Glove is designed specifically for children. Its Meshtek breathability technology provides great light and comfortable feeling for children.

The contoured fit palm fits perfectly with the user’s hands and includes a hand-made pocket that makes it very easy for youngsters and first-timers to catch the ball.

One bad thing about this glove is that there is no consistent wrist closure to make the glove tighter. Since it is a suitable baseball glove size for 4 year old, it is not a big deal but you should consider it.

Why Do We Like This Glove So Much?

The Franklin Sports Meshtek Series TeeBall Glove gives your child the much-needed confidence he or she needs during his or her play that enables him or her to give an improved performance needed to take his or her game to the top.

For a young first-timer and many more, it meets basic needs and is a great way to start your child’s career in the right way.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Mizuno Prospect Power Close Youth Baseball Glove Series

Always considered a reliable sports equipment manufacturer, Mizuno is back with another hit product. Mizuno prospect power close baseball glove series is a unique product.

In addition to being popular for its excellent eye-catching design, it gives a comfortable feeling and is durable and long-lasting.

Its design works for the user and makes it easy to perform his performance correctly within the game. This is a lightweight 4 year old baseball glove which makes it the perfect choice for your young star. It has a power lock closure feature to help keep the player’s hands safe.

Made from premium leather, this baseball glove 4 year old is very durable and the presence of a power close system here ensures that it sticks tightly around your wrist when you are aiming to catch the balls ‌ or fly balls.


  • Power close technology
  • Attractive impressive design
  • Lightweight premium leather shell
  • Soft palm liner like butter
  • Mzo Lining

Special Note

  • Product weight: 12 ounces
  • Product size: 10.3 inches x 5.7 inches x 5.3 inches
  • Manufacturer: Mizuno
  • Player age: 4 to 5 years old
  • Model: GPP1150Y1

Fit / Feel

The Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series gives you a perfect feeling and it gives you a great fit. The baseball glove 4 year old always has a power lock to protect the player’s hand and prevent it from slipping.

Its premium leather construction makes it feel comfortable on the hands as well as long-lasting. It also has a soft palm liner like butter and is quite durable.


  • Very comfortable
  • Power lock for secure fitting
  • Powerclose technology for easy catching high speed balls
  • Light weight
  • Performance enhancer

Why Do We Like This Glove?

This is a great glove for a young child who already knows that he loves to play baseball and wants to continue playing for years. Unlike the other gloves on this list, kids will become addicted to this particular glove and leave it on for more than a year.

It is fully fitted with a secure power lock to provide the right amount of comfort and ensure that the glove does not slip during play.

People are looking for left handed baseball glove for 3 year old and left handed baseball glove for 4 year old but it is a little difficult to find such toddler baseball mitts and toddler baseball gloves.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old:  Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove

Founded by 2 brothers in the 40’s, Franklin Sports Incorporated has become one of the most powerful and well-known manufacturers of baseball equipment to this day.

The quality of their products is excellent and anyone can assert that it is always # 1 inside the baseball/softball space. Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set is a prime example of their dominance.

The 9-inch Air-tech soft foam baseball glove and ball set is one of the best-selling products of all time. This is a perfect glove of perfect quality for your child even if he is just playing for the first time. No one using these gloves is excluded from the game.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove

Special Features

  • Lightweight air tech ball
  • Velcro wrist enclosure
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Soft foam glove

Special Note

  • Product weight: 12 ounces
  • Product size: 7 inches x 3 inches x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports Incorporated
  • Model: 6844S1F1
  • Player age: 4 to 5 years old
  • Warranty: 90 days

Fit / Feel

The fittings on the top of the glove are almost great. It includes a Velcro adjustable wrist enclosure ‌ so that it is firmly attached to the baby’s hand and protected from slipping.

The gloves are made of air tech soft foam which gives a feeling of softness around the palm of the hand while using the glove and makes it very comfortable to use. This helps to reduce the extra push whenever a ball is caught.

Its ultimate flexibility allows young people to easily close and open their hands without any problems.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Long durability is well ensured
  • Most flexible for children starting from 4 years old
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist enclosure
  • Lightweight
  • Made with soft air tech foam material

Why Do We Like This Glove?

If there is one thing that stands out about the product or equipment produced by Franklin Sports Incorporated, it is the quality of the product.

It is always made with excellent feature structure and it always wins no matter what kind of competition it faces. It’s a perfect glove for your baby and a perfect starter glove for younger children with whom they can start playing for the first time.

If you are looking for comfort, as well as looking for something that will get the job done right and above all cheap, place an order to get this Franklin Sports Air Tech Glove ‌ and enjoy his best game with your child.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Rawlings Youth Tball / Baseball Gloves (for Kids Ages 4 to 5)

We always advise you to procure tools from a reputable and reliable company and Rawlings is always at their service with their best tools.

The Youth T ball glove for 3 year old series is a great quality glove for players and is also a good option for older players. Not only is it suitable for a small child who has just started playing, but it can also be used for the time the child is growing up and will continue to play for a longer period of time.

It is also ready and capable of use by children aged 3 to 9 years. This 3 year old baseball glove durability ensures that you can save this glove for years to come.

It is made with a soft flexible pliable shell which makes it comfortable and easy to use and a soft inner lining is added to make it feel soft and comfortable in the hands.

Special Features

  • Softcore practice ball
  • Basket with webbed pattern
  • Textured vinyl design
  • Soft pliable shell

Special Note

  • Product weight: 8.6 ounces
  • Product shipping weight: 8.6 ounces
  • Product size: 12 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches
  • Player age: 4 to 5 years old
  • Manufacturer: Rawlings Sporting Goods

Fit / Feel

The Rawlings player series T ball / Baseball glove set has a great fit and a feeling and tenderness offered at a high level for everyone. Its soft pliable shell makes it easy to open and close.

This child baseball glove has a soft inner lining inside which gives a soft feel to the hand while using it and makes the game easier.


  • Durable
  • Soft for hands and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • An ideal glove for young starters 
  • A soft core ball for easy personal training
  • Basket web pattern included in the ball can be easily caught


  • More suitable for right-handed players
  • No firm grip or fitting to hold or hold hands

Why Do We Recommend Buying It?

Rawlings player series youth T Ball / Baseball glove is a perfect choice for your child when he has just started playing baseball or learning and practicing his Tee Ball game.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Franklin Youth Baseball Glove 9-inch

It is a glove of dignified class. It is designed and produced to help your child get off to a good start, making it a perfect starter glove and using it to make your child more interested in baseball.

Franklin Sports incorporated has always been known for adding an aristocratic touch to their products. They have shown the scope of their knowledge about the needs of the consumer market by making it.

The Franklin Sports Air Tech Baseball Glove comes in a variety of colors that appeal to the human eye and make it attractive.

Special Features

  • Adjustable self-stick wrist closure
  • Left-handed thrower
  • Soft mesh construction
  • Soft Palm construction
  • No break-in required

Special Note

  • Product weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product size: 5.2 inches x 3.8 inches x 3 inches
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports Inc.
  • Model: 6844S1F1LZ
  • Player age: 4 to 5 years old
  • Warranty: 90 days

Fit / Feel

The glove has a structure that gives a very comfortable feeling and its fitting can be done easily on the player’s hand and makes it easy to use.

Its design comes with a compatible self-stick wrist closure that makes it easy for the glove to stick firmly on the player’s arm.

Its soft mesh construction material makes it lightweight and makes it comfortable enough for any child to use.


  • Gives a feeling of lightweight and easy
  • Adjustable self-stick wrist closure for tight-fitting
  • No break-in required
  • Very comfortable for player’s hand

Why Do We Recommend Using It?

The Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Throw Youth Baseball Glove is a 9-inch glove designed to fit your child and even help kids to have fun while playing and enjoy their own game.

From a very young child to 4-5 years old, any child would love to get this glove and start playing baseball with their father.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Rawlings Boys Players Series 9-inch Best Tee Ball Glove for 4 Year Old

As the name implies, these specially designed gloves made by Rawlings Sporting Good are best for boys 4 or 5 years old.

This best baseball glove for 5 year old specifically designed for youngsters and to help them become better quality baseball players. It is made of leather material, which means it will give you good service for more than one year.

The composite shell construction material is the main reason behind its long durability. It is suitable for players of different ages, including children.

It is only suitable for right-handed players and it has a flexible structure which gives it a great fit in the hands of the user. This is the best tee ball glove especially for kids.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old Rawlings Boys Players Series 9-inch Best Tee Ball Glove for 4 Year Old

Special Features

  • Includes soft core practice ball
  • Basket web
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Includes molded PU practice force
  • Pliable Shell

Special Note

  • Product weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product size: 5.8 inches x 5.8 inches x 10 inches
  • Manufacturer: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Player age: 4 to 5 years old
  • Model: PL91SB-12/0

Fit / Feel

The Rawlings Boys ’Players Series Tee Ball Glove brings a beautiful feeling and comfort. Its soft inner lining always creates a soft feeling when worn or used.

The leather used in it is soft and comfortable enough for the hands, as well as makes it possible to give a sure comfort feeling while using. Its soft pliable shell is easy to open and close, meaning your child will have no trouble trying to throw or catch the ball when using it.


  • Presence of Basket web
  • Soft for the hands
  • Pocket-friendly and affordable


  • Wrist strap is not compatible.

Why Do We Recommend Using It?

If you are looking for a nice starting point for your baby, this is a great choice that will not let you go bankrupt.

At a very affordable price, the Rawlings Boys ’Players Series 9-Inch Tee Ball Glove comes with a ball of its own to help your child practice for himself or with others. Start training your child with this and you will have many opportunities to realize the difference.

Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old: Wilson 10 ″ Mlb A200 Tee Ball Glove

Are you looking for a 5 year old baseball glove that can help your child start a perfect game? Or do you want a glove that will help him manage the game properly from this initial stage to a long one? Wilson has just one glove that will be the right choice for you and your work.

With the right design and excellent durability, the Wilson A200 Youth MLB Tee Ball Glove can be considered a great choice for your baby. Its price is also quite right.

It gives you quality and comfort at a low cost. It fits snugly in the hands of beginners and allows them to easily control, open and close.

Made from special soft quality EVA, this glove provides some extra comfort in the player’s hands which makes his game easier. It is light in weight and makes it easier for your younger player to move with his gloves.

Special Features

  • Special soft quality EVA material
  • H web construction technology
  • Youth Pattern
  • Different types of colors and schemes

Special Note

  • Product weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Product size: 10 inches x 7 inches x 4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Model: WTA02RB18COL
  • Glove Series: A200

Fit / Feel

The Wilson A200 Youth MLB Tee Ball Glove is recommended for frequent use for its soft texture and comfort. Its special soft Eva material makes it really soft for the hands and enables it to play with easily.

The player can actually feel the ball while wearing the glove. It also has a simple mechanism which means that even younger players can easily open and close this glove.


  • Super soft EVA construction for optimal comfort
  • Easy control
  • Very affordable and reasonable price
  • There are different color options

Why Do We Recommend Using It?

The Wilson A200 Youth MLB Tee Ball Glove is already known as a pretty comfortable glove recommended for an early baby. It’s designed and built for kids to help them start their baseball or tee-ball journey.

How to choose the best Baseball Glove for 4 or 5 year olds?

One of the most important and essential tools in baseball is the baseball glove.

Baseball glove is an essential part of the game and if it’s not comfortable then believe us – you can’t just like playing baseball.

When looking for the right baseball glove for 4 year old and best baseball glove for 5 year old childrens, all you really need to do is find a starter glove.

This is the baseball glove with which they will learn how to play teeball and baseball.

This is why it is important to choose the right product. Now let’s see how to choose some of the best 5 year old baseball glove.

It must have a proper fit, not be too loose or too tight, and have sufficient durability and strength to be able to withstand long seasonal tests and rigidity.

One of the best ways to ensure a great fit is to see if the baseball glove has an adjustable closure. This is a small adjustable echo straps that you can use to loosen or tighten the gloves.

How to choose the best Baseball Glove for 4 or 5 year olds?


It is always important to choose the right brand of baseball glove. People often think that name is not important but in many cases name is important.

If you are stuck in indecision, choose one of the biggest names in the baseball industry: Franklin Sports, Rawlings, and Mizuno, to name a few.

Other Comments/Reviews

There are others who have been there before you. Always keep an eye on how other people liked their gloves and what they thought about it.


Accurate baseball gloves are measured from the heel of the glove (below the palm) to the top of the glove (near the tip of the finger).

An accurate baseball glove measures usually 8 to 15 inches.

For first-time buyers, finding the right toddler baseball glove size for 5 year old can sometimes be a big challenge. It is important to check the glove later on to see if it fits perfectly.

When looking for baseball gloves for kids or baseball gloves for 3 year old, make sure that the tee ball gloves are at the very bottom of the sizing area. These range in size from 8 to 9.5 inches.

Try to find a baseball gloves for 3 year old that stays tight around the wrist area ‌ no, a glove that fits the palm of your hand well and allows your fingers to comfortably fit into the glove.

Also, try to get the player to look at the glove with pressure and try to open the glove to see if he can actually use it properly.‌ Sometimes new leather gloves need to be used a bit before they are ready for use.


Pricing baseball gloves is not a big deal, but it is important. No one wants to break their clay bank to buy starter gloves for kids.

All gloves listed above are affordable, affordable and easily accessible for families looking to buy baseball gloves for 3 year old or young children.

Glove Material

Material is always a big issue – especially when choosing a baseball glove for 3 year old. Leather is the most popular choice for most baseball gloves but to be honest, we don’t offer it for kids.

Why? Because leather is too much for kids

Feelings of inflexibility may result, and opening or closing gloves easily may be a problem for them. When the material is too stiff, you will get tired more easily and miss more catches.

1. Leather

When it comes to choosing a baseball glove, leather is the most popular choice – anyway, take a look at our note above.

Practically correct: taking care: a good leather glove can serve you for a long time, if possible for a few years.

Once properly fitted to the hand and taken well care of, leather can be much more comfortable and easy to use. One disadvantage of leather gloves is their heavy weight.

2. Mesh

To reduce the weight of baseball glove 4 year old, to make them lighter and to increase flexibility, many manufacturers have started adding some mesh fabric to the back of their gloves.

Web pockets are sometimes made of leather or synthetic material.

This is why mesh glove is sometimes considered as hybrid glove. They require less effort than leather gloves to get their hands on and can obviously breathe better.

Mesh gloves are a great option for kids 4-5 years old.

One downside of mesh gloves is that they are generally not as durable as other glove building materials. But when buying gloves for 4 year olds, is it really that important? They will somehow get rid of this glove in 2 years and that time will be the time to give them real gloves.

3. Synthetic

Synthetic gloves are actually one of the newest advances in the game. Man-made synthetic is an ever-evolving technology that gets better every year in terms of quality and features.

Although the reality is that this material is not as durable as leather gloves, synthetic still offers great comfort and is lightweight which makes this material one of the most recommended and preferred gloves for youngsters.

Baseball Gloves for Kids: What to Look for

Baseball gloves have a number of features that you need to look for. In the game of baseball and gloves, in particular, many changes have been added nowadays to give a better feeling and to enhance the feeling of the players, to increase the fitting and performance. Here are some examples of these features

  • Tri-curve technology
  • Webbing
  • Wrist Coordinator
  • Soft inner lining etc.

Do I Need Position Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old or 5 Year Olds?

See, some people may tell you that you need a specific glove for each position.

However, at this young age, it is usually not needed!

The only exception is the catcher’s mitt. Catcher is a very specific position in baseball where a certain mitt is required to protect the player.

The catcher’s mitt comes with far more padding and separation features for fingers than other gloves. This makes this 4 year old baseball glove usable for any position other than catcher.

However, this design of 4 year old baseball glove helps improve the catcher’s protection and protects their hands from any injuries when catching pitches.

Besides a catcher’s mitt, you won’t need to buy different types of gloves for different locations.

Baseball Glove Sorting by Size

What Size Baseball Glove for a 4 Year Old?

AgeOutfieldPitcherCatcherFirst Base2nd Base3rd Base
Below 7 yrs9 – 10.5”8 – 10.5″29.5 – 30″11.5″8 – 10.5″8 – 10.5″
8 – 10 yrs10 – 12”10.5 – 11.5″30 – 31″11.5 – 12″10.5 – 11.25″10.5 – 11.5″
11 – 13 yrs11.75 – 12.75”11.5 – 12″30 – 32.5″11.5 – 12″11 – 11.5″11 – 11.75″
14 yrs & Above12 – 13”11.5 – 12″32 – 34.5″12 – 13″11.25 – 11.5″11.5 – 12″

Understanding these parameters when deciding which glove to buy will help you make better and more appropriate choices. This is the answer of baseball glove size for 4 year old and this is also the answer to what size baseball glove for 5 year old.

While this is an accurate measure, there are often exceptions, such as the fact that in some cases the inside of two people’s hands may be slightly smaller or larger than the other.

In such cases, measurements and fittings with gloves should be checked beforehand. It is important to check that the player is comfortable with using the glove and that he is able to open and close it properly.

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