The 5 Best Axe Bats For 2022

By | June 3, 2022

Best Axe Bats

In 2011, the revolution began. Axe Bat debuted in Renton, Washington at that time. Since then, Axe baseball bats have gained a reputation for their unusual bat handles and have been used by a number of major league players. As their bat company grows, they’ve expanded their product line to include both fastpitch and slowpitch bats. The Bat Experts at JustBats highlight the five (5) finest Axe Bats in 2022, based on comments from players, parents, and coaches.

Let’s talk about the Axe handle before we get started. Each handle is tailored to your swing’s biomechanics, providing greater comfort and safety. Players are able to obtain better bat speed and control with a more natural swing and enhanced range of motion. While the handle of every Axe bat is notable, these five (5) bats have grown in popularity due to a variety of characteristics and outstanding performance. Let’s get started.

Best Axe Bats

Best Axe BBCOR Bat – Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid

The Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat is an excellent place to begin this list of the finest Axe bats to swing. This 3-piece hybrid design, backed by the Baseball Bat Bros, is sure to become your new favorite. The MX8+ power alloy barrel is paired with shock suspension technology, which eliminates vibration and lets you to swing confidently. With an end-loaded swing weight, this model is ideal for power hitters who want to get the most out of their at-bats.

Reviews of the Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid

Pros: This is my son’s new team bat. “It feels like butter,” my son says, yet the ball simply skips off the large sweet spot. Power stick with a slight end load. BBCOR has a new king.

Cons: It almost appears to be too good to be true. It appears to be worth $1000.

Best Axe USSSA Youth Bat – 2023 Axe Avenge Pro USSSA

Look no further than the Axe Avenge Pro if you’re seeking for one of the trendiest youth baseball bats on the market (USSSA). This fan favorite is built to deliver insane levels of performance on every swing. Young hitters may increase their swing speeds while maintaining exceptional barrel control throughout their swing because to the revolutionary full-composite design. But what’s the nicest thing about this bat? The bat’s Tri-Flex Blastwall barrel design allows it to operate like a thin-walled barrel while still saving money for parents. If you’re looking for a top-tier USSSA bat, the Axe Avenge Pro should be on your list.

Review of the Axe Avenge Pro USSSA Bat

“WOW! Hands down, the best -5 USSSA bat!

With the new Avenge Pro -5, Axe Bat got it right. The balance is ideal, with a slight endload for power but plenty of swingability. The pop is out of this world, and the feel/vibration is silky smooth. We’ll see how long it lasts because it was recently purchased, but thus far, this bat has been fantastic.

Best Axe Fastpitch Bat – Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap

Best Axe Bats

The Avenge Pro Power Gap features a balanced swing weight and a three-piece completely composite construction that crushes balls. The Axe handle is the only one of its sort in the softball bat market, giving hitters a leg up on the competition right away. The highly advanced Charged Carbon Plus composite material, which is the hottest and most durable material ever developed by Axe, is the feature that puts this fastpitch softball bat over the top. There’s no denying that this Axe softball bat is one of the greatest in fastpitch softball.

Features to Look For:

  • Swing Weight Balanced
  • All-Composite Three-Piece Construction
  • Durable & Explosive Charged Carbon + Composite Material
  • End Cap HyperWhip
  • Endogrid Technology is a technology developed by Endogrid.

Best Axe Slow Pitch Bat – Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240

We have something special for those of you wishing to improve your slow pitch softball swing by investing in a premium softball bat. The Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240 is designed to deliver incredible power to all corners of the field. The Avenge Pro is more than simply attractive colors, with its eye-catching white, yellow, and blue colorway. All types of batters can benefit from the two-piece composite design, which allows for extended use. It also uses vibration-cancelling technology to make your gaming more comfortable. The tri-flex blastwall, which allows it to function like a thin walled bat while simultaneously giving unsurpassed durability, is by far the most crucial element of this hot slow pitch bat.

Review of the Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240 Softball Bat

Pros: This is the hottest dual stamp bat I’ve ever used. I swung my friend’s and was immediately sold. This bat is going to end up in my bag.

Cons: The white will become soiled with time. That’s all there is to it!

Best Axe USA Youth Bat – Axe Strato

We had to make way for one of Axe’s finest youth baseball bats before we could finish. The Axe Strato is an aluminum alloy choice for kids that is both very productive and cheap. It is available in both USA and USSSA authorized models. The early feedback we’ve heard from players has been consistent in this regard… The Strato is small, has a lot of pop, and looks great. If you want to get your hands on one of the greatest Axe baseball bats, you should check out the Strato now.

Review of the Axe Strato Bat

Landon’s Crazy Light (Player)

Pros: This is the lightest alloy bat I’ve ever used. There’s a lot of pop here, and it also looks extremely great. This bat is one of my favorites.

There are no flaws with this bat.


Best Axe Bats

Are Best Axe Bats any good?

BBCOR hitters performed better on average when swinging bats with Axe Handles than when swinging bats with regular round knobs during a 12-week internal research.

Why are Axe bats better?

The handle of an axe bat is more comfortable. The power transfer is more efficient with an axe bat handle. Bat speed is increased by using an axe bat since the barrel accelerates more. The axe bat lowers hamate bone/ulnar nerve injuries and throw bat occurrences.

Can you roll an AXE bat?

The ergonomic handle of the Axe forces you to only make touch with one side of the barrel. As such, Axe constructs the barrel. As a result, if you’re rolling an Axe bat, you only need to concentrate on one side of the barrel—the hitting side.

What is the best wood for an Axe handle?

American Hickory is the most popular wood used to construct axe handles. Because of its strength and flexibility, hickory is employed. Its toughness allows it to withstand huge shocks without cracking or splitting.

Should you oil an axe handle?

The handle will be protected from the elements if it is oiled. This keeps it tight, sturdy, and flexible while also making it feel amazing in the hand and looking magnificent. Note that the handles of a new Gransfors Bruk come waxed. You might want to wait until it’s worn in before oiling it (but it’s always great to jump in and make it your own).

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