Custom worth pitching helmet: legit helmet mask 2021

Wounds or injuries during play are quite common. If you like to play baseball, finding the right baseball helmet i.e. Custom worth pitching helmet is very important.

Baseball runs at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. This is why batsmen wear helmets.

Custom worth pitching helmet
Custom worth pitching helmet

Somehow if a baseball hits your head you can reach a life-and-death juncture. This is very dangerous.

Although no bat can give you full protection, some bats are very good for cutting injuries. These helmets will protect you from injury as much as possible with worth pitching helmet visor.

Let’s find out about some of the best Custom worth pitching helmet

1. Worth Legit Slowpitch Softball Pitcher’s Mask, Black

This Custom worth pitching helmet is made with adult slope softball pitchers in mind. This Worth Legit Protective Pitchers Mask is quite stylish and has adjustable dial ring fit so you will get SUPERIOR FIT AND COMFORT.

It is LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE as it has optimized helmet design, aluminum cage construction and ventilation system.


ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST: 6 1/2 “- 7 5/8”

 The Worth Legit Protective worth pitching mask visor is designed for sloppy players. It is very light and its size is 6 1/2 “- 7 5/8”. These helmets have a ventilation system that allows them to ventilate properly.

As a result you will feel quite comfortable. And it will fit very well for its adjustable dial.

2. worth WLBH Custom Liberty Batter’s Helmet

It has a high impact polymer shell for the maintenance standard of Meets NOCSAE. Its fit size: 6 3/4 – 7. Alloy-reinforced bill with extra safety. Wicking material-lined padding is used for comfort ventilation systems.

As a result you will get air flow easily. Having a decal number system allows you to personalize at your convenience.

3. Worth Liberty Away Helmet

It has re-enforced bill for extra security. There is also a High Impact polymer shell. This is to ensure that you are safe on all sides. It is painted on rubberized matte.

One size fits most: 6 3 / 4-7 3/8

There are pre-drilled holes for faceguards

You will get extra comfort with Wicking material lined padding.

Worth Liberty Away Game Matte Finish Batting Helmet High alloy reinforced bill with high impact polymer shell will give you extra protection. It contains Moisture wicking lined padding. There will be adequate air flow for ventilation.

There is a custom numbering decal system for personalization. Predrilled in the case of face miken pitching mask. It complies with all NOCSAE standards. Its feature size is 6 3 / 4-7 3/8.

4. Worth Youth AMPBH Amp Batting Helmet

This helmet has ponytails and braids. Get Pre-drilled for Faceguard. Complies with all types of NOCSAE standards. It has high tech design for both boys and girls.

Helmet is very good for both boys and girls as it is newly designed. Like usssa slow pitch pitchers mask, this is one of the amazing that can give a blast service!

However, best usssa bats are also waiting for you if you want to buy them!

Custom worth pitching helmet Buying Guide

Baseball and softball are quite a dangerous sport. But you can ensure your maximum safety by buying the right safety equipment.

The most important equipment for a batter is a helmet. Your helmet will give you proper protection from any serious injury by force.

You can choose your baseball helmet from many options. But before buying, you must consider some things. Price is of course the most important issue.

Remember, the higher the price, the better the helmet will be made of. Expensive helmets contain high quality building materials that can absorb more energy when hit by a ball.

Besides, they are quite comfortable to use.

The less expensive helmets have bulky padding, so the impact absorbs, but not completely. Helmets should not be too tight or loose. It must fit perfectly.

Know everything you need to know before buying a batting helmet. A helmet can save your life. By writing this you will know everything.

Everything mentioned above has advantages and disadvantages. Since the safety aspect should be the first priority, no player should take any risk in this regard.

Therefore, the size of the player’s head must be taken before buying a helmet. So that the right size helmet can be chosen. Moisture and perspiration should also be considered.

anyway, if you are looking for wood or aluminum bat for self defense, then you can take a glance!

However, if you still can’t find the right helmet, read the article below carefully.

Key Considerations When Buying the Custom worth pitching helmet

It is very important to protect the head from any kind of injury in any sport. So the safety aspect should be considered first when buying a helmet.

There are also some more factors to consider. They are the ventilation system and the comfort.


This is the most important point! We can check the safety of the helmet through its material, shape and stardom.


Another important aspect is that the helmet must have proper ventilation for air flow. Especially in hot weather you definitely don’t want to use that airless helmet.

Helmet size:

One is the size of one human head. Some people’s head size is big and some people are small. Helmet sizes also vary due to head size differences.


The price of helmets varies in terms of quality and specification. You will also get helmets starting from $ 10 to $ 100 or more. Buy the best quality helmet you can.

Why some helmets only cover one ear

How to measure someone’s size for a baseball or softball helmet?

What is NOSCAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)?

Why is softball face mask used?

What is the function of the chin strap of the batting helmet?

Why does the batting helmet show burns?

Why does the helmet cover one ear?

If you watch pro baseball or softball matches, you may have noticed that most helmets cover one ear. As an exception those who use switch heaters use earflaps on both sides.

If you are a right-handed batsman, use the flap in your left ear.

If you are a left-handed batsman, use the flap in your right ear.

If the switch is a heater, flaps should be used on both sides.

Double flap viper pitchers helmet are mandatory in professional leagues. This type of helmet does two things at once. In addition to providing protection when the ball hits, it will also protect you when you run. The flap with the helmet will protect you from many complex injuries as you can find on viper pitching helmet review.

Baseball and Softball Helmet Sizing

Before buying a batting helmet or Custom worth pitching helmet, you must make sure that you are buying the right size helmet. Choose a helmet with the right mix of comfort and protection.

However, Most used bat in college baseball named article is going to give you a nice options to choose from!

Even if you don’t know how to measure your head properly, you can easily choose the right size helmet. Carry cloth-sized tape for the appropriate size batting helmet. Then measure with this tape up to the ears.

If your batting helmet gets too big, you can fit it with a padding kit. However, refrain from buying large size helmets of worth softball helmet.

If you do not know exactly if the helmet is bigger than the size of your head, you can easily check this. Shake after putting the helmet on your head. If the helmet moves too much like softball pitching mask with visor, it is quite a large helmet. You can use this large size helmet through the padding kit.

There are a few more things to keep in mind when it comes to helmet fit:

For the best protection, the batting helmet should fall one inch above the eyebrows like mens softball pitching mask.

Never wear a helmet up or down. Leave it straight. If the helmet is on the top, you may get a forehead injury. And if it is low, you can get hit in the back of the head of Viper pitching helmet.

Many companies make helmets for all levels and ages, but not all are certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). NOCSAE rating is very important for the safety of the players. When buying a helmet, you must check the NOCSAE certification.

Softball Face Masks

Softball players should ensure proper protection during the game. Face masks are used separately in the helmets of softball players. When buying a face mask, try to buy a face mask or slo pitch pitching mask from the brand of helmet you are using. Then it will fit perfectly.

Batting Helmet Chin Stress

Batting helmets are not seen in the China Strap Professional League. But some leagues are asked to use this China strap. Batting helmets do not usually have chin straps. So you may need to buy it separately. Like the face mask and combat pitching mask, when you buy the chin strap, you will buy the same brand with the helmet.

It is very easy to add chin straps to the helmet. You will see two button snaps on the front of the helmet. Connect the chin strap with these two buttons. This will give you extra protection.

Many people think that other sports straps can also be used to play baseball or softball. But that’s not right. For example, the chin strap of a football helmet is different from the chin strap of a baseball or softball.

Buying the right size Custom worth pitching helmet will ensure that you are safe while playing. The first step is to find the right size helmet. From a safety point of view, the more expensive the helmet, the better.

High school and college baseball or softball helmets are commonly used to play high-density foam. Because, there is a lot of speed and energy in this stage game this is very dangerous. Heaters can also be protected from ball injuries due to high density foam.

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