7 Best Double Wall Softball Bats to Get More Home Runs

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced softball player, the best double wall softball bat you can use can give you a taste of success as well as defeat in your game, no doubt about it.

You can also use triple wall softball bats or the best one piece softball bats or the best clincher softball bat if you like it.

Knowing that you can rely on your bat at any unexpected moment, no matter how unpredictable the situation, knowing that you will be able to deal with anything thrown at you as much as possible.

Doublewall bats are known as some of the best softball bats 2021 in the market. If your league allows you to use it, you should choose one of these.

But finding the right bat for you may seem like a daunting task – there are dozens of seemingly perfect options from which to choose your bat.

To help you, in this post, we will highlight the top seven double wall softball bats on the market.

Editor’s Choice: Best Double Wall Softball Bats

  • EASTON GHOST- These double walled bats are the most popular for a reason. Not cheap in price but its hit power is unmatched.
  • EASTON GHOST ADVANCED- The Advanced version of these double walled bats comes in with 2x the pop and loads of power. This is an improved version that holds a lot more power with 2x pop.
  • DEMARINI 2020 PRISM- With strength and style, these double walled bats are suitable for any level of a softball player.
  • LOUISVILLE SLUGGER XENO PLUS 17- Comfortable and specially designed for power hitters
  • DEMARINI JUGGY OVL Double Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat- It is almost impossible to dislike any rad-looking bat, no matter how perceived it is after taking it in hand.
  • MIZUNO F20-CRBN- This is the most affordable softball bat on this list, yet it does not compromise on quality.

ANDERSON BAT COMPANY WOMEN’S ROCKETECH 2.0- Affordable yet sturdy enough, this is another top pick 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat. You can use the 2021 Rocketech double wall fastpitch softball bat for fastpitch playing.

But before we get started, let’s take a look at what a double wall softball bat is and how it’s better than its single-walled counterparts.

What Is a Double Wall Softball Bat?

Double Wall Softball Bats

This is a slightly self-explanatory identity – a double wall softball bat has two walls or shells instead of one. For this reason, they are sometimes called doublewall bats.

These doublewall bats are usually made of a mixture of aluminum or alloys and have hollow spaces on the inside.

Another difference between a “regular” single-walled bat and a double wall slowpitch softball bat is that the effective hitting field is larger in size and usually extends across the entire barrel.

This feature can be convenient regardless of the hitter’s skill level.

However, it is important to remember that not every league allows the use of these bats. Before using double wall aluminum softball bats, make sure you talk to the coach or ask another player.

Double Wall Softball Bats

Why Use the Best Double Wall Softball Bats?

This is a great question since single-wall softball bats are allowed to be used in virtually every league, where doublewall baseball bats are not allowed to be used everywhere.

Why Should You Take the Time and Tax Yourself Looking for the Right Double Wall Bat?

Mainly, for two reasons:


Single wall softball bats require a lot of maintenance and if you want this bat to last for more than one season, you need to use it with enough care.

However, you will not face any such problem with double wall softball bat.

Many companies promise that their double wall baseball bats will last longer than the average quality double wall softball bat because their walls are relatively thick.

This is not the case in all cases, however, as there are other factors to consider when calculating bat quality and durability. The design of the bat is one of these issues.

However, thick-walled bats last longer, so this is a completely believable and possible explanation.

The bottom line is that as long as you choose a good quality double-wall bat, you can be sure that it will last longer than any single wall bat.

If you want then you can use best single wall slow pitch softball bats non composite.

Trampoline Effect (More Pop)

The main advantage of this double wall slowpitch softball bat, its trampoline effect.

When you swing hard with an average quality double-wall bat, you will notice that the ball has moved significantly further away.

This makes it easier to reach home runs with a double-wall bat – with an extended “pop”.

The reason behind the trampoline effect is that when the ball hits, both walls of the bat become flexible. When the walls return to their previous position, the ball receives an additional energy jolt that usually blows it away.

If you compare single wall vs double wall softball bats then you will see double wall bat is better.

Now that you know why you should choose a double wall bat, here is a list of the seven best double walled softball bats on the market from which you can choose the right bat for you.

Best Double Wall Softball Bats

1. Easton Ghost

The GHOST is one of the most popular softball bats for good reason. Sure, it doesn’t come cheap, but the value it offers to a hitter is matchless.

For good reason, GHOST is one of the most popular softball bats. Of course, it’s not cheap in price, but it doesn’t compare to what a hitter offers in terms of efficiency and reasonable price.

Like the other double barrel softball bats on this list, this double barrel bat has great pop. However, the feeling and sound that come from it are very satisfying and motivates the player to increase confidence.

This double barrel bat comes with EASTON’s XTX – which means Extra Tough Resin Matrix Technology. The technology makes the bat extra durable and stable by creating extremely low barrel compression.

However, it will not have any effect on the top of the double barrel bat, but in addition to increasing the life of thedouble barrel bat, you will reduce the vibration you feel when you swing the bat.

If you play aggressively and aim to run home in every game, this technology will give you a lot of comforts.

This two-piece bat also has EASTON’s ConneXion + technology, which attaches Nitro cell foam to the bat.

The foam helps double barrel softball bats to balance seamlessly – so the bat will never feel strangely heavy in your hand and its reliable connection also contributes to the overall great feeling of the bat that you can feel while playing.

These double barrel softball bats are approved for all fields – which is a huge advantage.

Certified for ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and USSSA (fastpitch only), you don’t have to worry about these double wall fastpitch softball bats being invalid on any given pitch.

The 1.2mm Hyperskin grip is another feature that gives you more confidence. However, the slim structure of the grip of double barrel fastpitch softball bats ensures that you will never feel uncomfortable holding the handle or feel extra-large.

It also comes with a standard one year warranty and is available in all different sizes: 30 “, 31”, 32 “, 33”, and 34 “with sizes -11, -10, -9, and -8 drops.

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Best Double Wall Softball Bats


  • Approved for all leagues
  • Available in all sizes and weight loss * Includes 1.2mm Hyper skin grip
  • Less barrel shrinkage = less vibration and more comfortable
  • Great pop and sound


  • Expensive

2. Easton Ghost Advanced

If you’re willing to spend a little extra money to get more pop, you won’t regret choosing EASTON GHOST ADVANCED.

Its inner barrel is designed to be lighter and more flexible, and its outer barrel is designed to be extremely strong.

The specialty of this design is that it reduces the shrinkage to virtually zero levels, increases the flexibility of the barrel, and allows the bat to pop even more.

There is more to be said here.

The launch composite technology included in this bat creates a large sweet spot in the bat which allows you to run a run-of-the-mill bat.

Can’t find it.

If you have a diamond and want to get more dominance than other teams, these are the right double wall composite softball bats for you to buy.

Additionally, the company’s pending patent soft knob technology reduces the vibration under your arm, which in turn gives you more power. You will be amazed at how easy it is to run home using this bat!

Since it is a GHOST, this bat also includes ConneXion technology. However, in the case of this bat, the technology has been further improved and enhanced.

GHOST ADVANCED comes with ConneXion Evolution – the amount of nitro cell foam that is included in a normal bat is double the amount of bat, which makes it one of the best-felt bats ever made by EASTON‌.

30 “- 34” size as well. A 29 “version is also available.


  • Power Boost tech Increases heat power * Grip of bat specially made by Lizard skin – gives great feeling and attachment
  • Double the amount of Nitro cell foam
  • Larger sweet spot


  • Very expensive

3. DeMarini 2020 Prism

The double wall Demarini softball bat Prism is the right choice for you if you want to prioritize its cut and design as well as the performance of the bat when making a purchase decision.

“Prism” is quite appropriate as the name of double wall Demarini softball bat – it is definitely one of the most attractive bats on the market.

However, no compromise has been made on its quality and performance.

It comes with DeMarini’s Doublewall Gapped Barrel Technology, which gives the bat a huge sweet spot. It is very useful to use in any game of each league.

Speaking of leagues – double wall Demarini softball bat is certified for use in every case. You can safely play with this bat in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues without worrying about any problems.

The features of this Demarini double wall softball bat seem great, and it also gives a strong feeling.

The great feeling of this Demarini double wall slowpitch softball bat is created by its unbroken fiber blended barrel. It is very light in weight and works without any additional problems or breaks – which only provides authentic performance.

Additionally, the ReFract EndCap works seamlessly with its Continuous Fiber Gapped Wall which helps the hitter to create more bat speed and make the most of each ball in their path.

Another great feature is its 3Fusion connection. This stabilizes the two-piece bat which reduces its vibration and at the same time makes it better for weight control.

It is available in a variety of sizes including -10 and -11 drop weights and is one of the best rounded bat for spending money.


  • Approved for all leagues
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Eye-catching design
  • 3Fusion connection


  • Problems with quality control are conceived

4. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17

Comfort and ease while batting is the expected demand for all players. However, in the case of young players, the process of choosing the right and Best Double Wall Softball Bat becomes much more complicated.

As well as style and weight are two more things that you need to differentiate from the feeling when using the bat.


Fortunately, the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus has a great look and feel during use which also reduces its weight up to -11 drops. This is the perfect choice for 10-13 year olds!

It has a great pop just outside the packaging powered by its integrated S1iD Barrel Technology. You don’t have to wait for it to enter to see performance improvements.

This bat has a mixed, zero-friction double-wall design, which gives it a great pop. The bat achieves its maximum flexibility without much effort or resistance, which would make it a great choice for young softball players.

Its sweet spot is quite large and super light as well as it is perfectly balanced. Swinging the bat will undoubtedly make it easier for newcomers.

The iST technology included in the bat reduces the negative feedback when hit incorrectly and gives its high-quality dry synthetic grip handle a great comfortable feel.

Overall, this is the best double-wall bats for young softball players that can be bought with money.

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  • Great value
  • Provides great pop despite being light weight
  • Minimal negative feedback
  • Comfortable handle grip


  • Best for 10-13-year-olds only

5. DeMarini Juggy OVL Slowpitch Bat

It is almost impossible to dislike any rad-looking bat, no matter how perceived it is after taking it in hand.

However, DeMarini Juggy offers the best quality on both sides – these double wall slow pitch softball bats great to look at and it feels good to use!

The well-designed doubled walled construction makes it suitable for soft compression, and because it is end-loaded, it is suitable for heavy-hitters who are looking for an opportunity to knock out of the park every time they play.

Its double wall composite softball bats construction structure is protected by the use of Znx alloy handles. Its bass increases the strength of the bat and makes it more durable.

The increased rigidity of the bat comes with the increased exchange of the ball. This bat has great pop!

But like every other bat, Juggy has some downsides. It is only approved for the ASA League. So you can call it ASA double wall softball bat.

Also, it is only available in 34 “sizes, but it is available with drops of different weights, so you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with.

DeMarini Juggy OVL Slowpitch Bat


  • Awesome look
  • Soft compression and a great pop
  • Handle made of Znx alloy


  • Stamp die for ASA only
  • Slightly more expensive than the service being provided

6. Mizuno F20-CRBN

It’s hard to find another bat like the Mizuno F20-CRBN which gives you the most deserving value for your money.

In addition to its unique, attractive appearance, there is much more to offer.

The bat uses XZone tech technology, which creates a huge sweet spot on the bat by adjusting the combined angles of the ten fixed points of the barrel.

Since the F20-CRBN is made of black array carbon, its break-in time is relatively short compared to other bats.

Also, its anti-shock design reduces its vibrations which plays a more considerable role in resisting all defective injuries.

But what gives its value its true value is its durability. In this list of the best double wall softball bats, it is the most affordable bat in terms of price, but there is no compromise with its quality.

The bat is made using Cylinder Seaming Construction Process which gives the bat a relatively longer lifespan.


  • Anti-shock design
  • Unique look
  • Affordable
  • Approved for all leagues
  • Large sweet spot


  • Only available with -10 weight loss.

7. Anderson Bat Company Women’s Rocketech 2.0

Rocketech 2.0 is another great low-priced bat that 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat gives you lots of quality service.

According to Anderson bat reviews this “muscular” best double wall softball bat is end-loaded, which gives hitters the feeling that they have the ability to send the ball comfortably outside the park.

Its larger sweet spot is more considerate for beginners who are trying to perform better in the case of diamonds.

Another significant advantage is that it reduces your inertia – it makes the bat more comfortable to use and allows hitters to swing more comfortably.

The plush, padded grip creates a feeling of firmness while holding and its spiral design gives you a confident grip.

This 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat is approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA, which ensures that you can use it for playing during your travels according to Anderson Rocketech 2.0 reviews.


  • End-loaded bat
  • Low price
  • Plush, padded grip
  • Low MOI


  • Available only in 31 “size which reduces its weight to -9.

Best Double Wall Softball Bats: Our Final Decision

EASTON GHOST ADVANCED is the best double wall composite softball bats that keep the value of your money.

It has exceptional pop, a huge sweet spot, a vibration-absorbing knob and comes with advanced ConneXion tech technology, which makes it one of the company’s bats that gives its users the best feeling.

This will make it easier for the bat to successfully achieve home runs, and not fully recommending the bat from our side would be almost an insult to this product, which we will not do.

So choosing EASTON GHOST ADVANCED for the game cannot be a mistake for you.

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