7 Best Double Wall Softball Bats to Get More Home Runs

By | July 6, 2021

double wall softball bat

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned softball player, the greatest double wall softball bat you can get can give you a taste of both victory and defeat in your game.

If you like, you can also use triple wall softball bats, finest one piece softball bats, or best clincher softball bats.

Knowing that you can rely on your bat at any time, no matter how unpredictably the scenario unfolds, and that you will be able to cope with whatever thrown at you to the best of your ability.

Doublewall bats are widely regarded as some of the best softball bats 2021 available. If your league allows it, you should go with one of these options.

Finding the ideal bat for you, on the other hand, can be a difficult endeavor, as there are dozens of seemingly perfect options from which to chose.

To assist you, we’ve put together a list of the finest seven double wall softball bats on the market.

Best Double Wall Softball Bats (Editor’s Pick)

  • EASTON GHOST- There’s a reason these double-walled bats are the most popular. It isn’t cheap, but it has unrivaled hit power.
  • EASTON GHOST ADVANCED- The Advanced version of these double-walled bats has 2x the pop and power. This is an enhanced version with 2x pop and a lot more power.
  • DEMARINI 2020 PRISM- These double walled bats are perfect for softball players of all levels due to their strength and style.
  • LOUISVILLE SLUGGER XENO PLUS 17- Designed specifically for power batters.
  • DEMARINI JUGGY OVL Double Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat- It’s nearly difficult to dislike any rad-looking bat after holding it in your hands, no matter how you see it.
  • MIZUNO F20-CRBN- This is the cheapest softball bat on this list, but it doesn’t skimp on quality.
  • ANDERSON BAT COMPANY WOMEN’S ROCKETECH 2.0- This is another top option 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat that is both affordable and durable. You may play fastpitch softball with the 2021 Rocketech double wall fastpitch softball bat.

But first, let’s define a double wall softball bat and how it differs from its single-walled cousins.

What Is a Softball Bat With Two Walls?

Softball Bats with Two Walls

A double wall softball bat has two walls or shells instead of one, which is a self-explanatory name. As a result, they’re sometimes referred to as doublewall bats.

These doublewall bats are often composed of aluminum or alloys with hollow gaps on the inside.

Another distinction between a “normal” single-walled bat and a double-walled slowpitch softball bat is the size of the effective hitting field, which typically spans across the whole barrel.

Regardless of the hitter’s skill level, this function can be useful.

It’s vital to keep in mind, too, that not every league allows the usage of these bats. Make sure you talk to the coach or another player before utilizing double wall aluminum softball bats.

What are the Benefits of Using the Best Double Wall Softball Bats?
This is an excellent question because single-wall softball bats are permitted in practically every league, whereas double-wall baseball bats are not permitted in all leagues.

double wall softball bat

Why should you spend time and effort searching for the best double wall bat?

Mostly because of two factors:


Single-wall softball bats demand a lot of upkeep, and if you want your bat to survive more than a season, you must treat it properly.

A double wall softball bat, on the other hand, will not provide such an issue.

Because their walls are quite thick, several firms claim that their double wall baseball bats will last longer than the typical quality double wall softball bat.

However, this is not always the case, since there are other aspects to consider when determining bat quality and durability. One of these concerns is the bat’s design.

Thick-walled bats, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan, thus this is a fully plausible explanation.

The bottom line is that if you choose a high-quality double-wall bat, you can be confident that it will outlast any single-wall bat.

You can use top single wall slow pitch softball bats non composite if you like.

Effect of a Trampoline (More Pop)

The trampoline effect is the main benefit of this double wall slowpitch softball bat.

When you swing hard with a double-wall bat of average quality, you’ll notice that the ball has travelled a long way away.

With a double-wall bat, this makes it simpler to hit home runs with a lengthier “pop.”

The trampoline effect occurs because both walls of the bat become flexible when the ball hits them. The ball receives an additional energy jolt when the walls return to their previous location, which frequently blows it away.

When comparing single and double wall softball bats, the double wall bat comes out on top.

Now that you know why you should use a double-walled softball bat, here is a list of the seven best double-walled softball bats on the market from which to choose.

Easton Ghost 1.

Easton Ghost 2.

Easton Ghost 3.

Easton Ghost 4.

Easton Ghost 5.

Easton Ghost 6.

Easton Ghost 7.

For good reason, the GHOST is one of the most popular softball bats. It isn’t inexpensive, but the value it provides to a hitter is unrivaled.

GHOST is one of the most popular softball bats for a reason. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but it pales in comparison to what a hitter can provide in terms of efficiency and cost.

This double barrel softball bat, like the others on this list, offers a lot of pop. The sensation and sound it produces, on the other hand, are extremely pleasant and encourage the player to gain confidence.

EASTON’s XTX (Extra Tough Resin Matrix Technology) is featured on this twin barrel bat. The technique creates exceptionally minimal barrel compression, making the bat extra durable and stable.

However, it will have no effect on the top of the double barrel bat, but it will minimize the vibration you experience when swinging the bat, in addition to increasing the life of the bat.

This technology will provide you with a lot of conveniences if you play aggressively and try to run home in every game.

EASTON’s ConneXion PLUS technology, which binds Nitro cell foam to the bat, is also featured on this two-piece bat.

The foam aids in the smooth balance of double barrel softball bats, ensuring that the bat never seems strangely heavy in your hand. Its dependable connection also contributes to the bat’s overall fantastic feel when playing.

The fact that these double barrel softball bats are suitable for all fields is a significant plus.

You don’t have to worry about these double wall fastpitch softball bats being invalid on any given pitch because they’re certified for ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and USSSA (fastpitch only).

Another element that offers you more confidence is the 1.2mm Hyperskin grip. The narrow grip shape of twin barrel fastpitch softball bats, on the other hand, assures that you will never feel uncomfortable gripping the handle or extra-large.

It also comes with a one-year warranty and is available in a variety of sizes, including 30″, 31″, 32″, 33″, and 34″, with drop sizes of -11, -10, -9, and -8.


  • All leagues have been approved.
  • Weight loss * is available in all sizes. 1.2mm is included. Hyper-grip skin
  • Less barrel shrinkage means less vibration and a more pleasant experience.
  • Pros Excellent pop and sound Cons Expensive
  • Easton Ghost Advanced (#2)
  • If you’re ready to invest a bit more money for more pop, EASTON GHOST ADVANCED is the way to go.

It has an inner barrel that is lighter and more flexible, and an outer barrel that is highly strong.

This design’s unique feature is that it almost eliminates shrinking, increases the barrel’s elasticity, and allows the bat to pop even more.

There’s a lot more to say about this.

The launch composite technology in this bat generates a big sweet spot in the bat, allowing you to use it like a regular bat.

I can’t seem to locate it.

These are the double wall composite softball bats to get if you have a diamond and want to be more dominant than other teams.

Furthermore, the company’s patent-pending soft knob technology eliminates vibration under your arm, giving you greater power. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to run home with this bat!

Because it’s a GHOST, it’s equipped with ConneXion technology. However, the technology has been developed and increased in the case of this bat.

ConneXion Evolution is featured in the GHOST ADVANCED, which means it has twice the amount of nitro cell foam as a standard bat, making it one of EASTON’s best-felt bats ever.

Also available in 30″-34″ sizes. There is also a 29″ variant.

Power Boost technology is a plus. Increases heat output * Bat grip is made of Lizard skin, which provides a terrific feeling and adhesion.
Increase the amount of Nitro cell foam by a factor of two.


Larger sweet spot
Extremely costly

  1. Prism DeMarini 2020
    If you want to consider the cut and design of the bat as well as the performance of the bat when making a buying decision, the double wall Demarini softball bat Prism is the correct choice for you.

The moniker “Prism” fits the double wall Demarini softball bat well; it is unquestionably one of the most gorgeous bats on the market.

Its quality and performance, on the other hand, have not been compromised.

It features DeMarini’s Doublewall Gapped Barrel Technology, which provides a large sweet spot on the bat. It is really useful in any game in any league.

When it comes to leagues, there’s a double wall. In every scenario, the Demarini softball bat is approved for use. You can use this bat in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues without any issues.

The features of this Demarini double wall softball bat appear to be excellent, and it has a solid feel to it.

The unbroken fiber blended barrel of this Demarini double wall slowpitch softball bat gives it a terrific feel. It is extremely low in weight and operates without any additional issues or breaks, resulting in solely genuine performance.

The ReFract EndCap also works in tandem with the Continuous Fiber Gapped Wall, allowing the batter to generate greater bat speed and make the most of each ball that comes their way.

It also has a 3Fusion connection, which is a fantastic feature. This helps to stabilize the two-piece bat, which decreases vibration while also improving weight control.

It comes in several sizes, including -10 and -11 drop weights, and is one of the greatest all-around bats for the money.

All leagues have approved pros.

  • A large sweet spot exists.
  • Design that catches the eye
  • Connection with 3Fusion


Quality control issues are envisioned 4. Xeno Plus 17 by Louisville Slugger
All players are required to demand comfort and relaxation when batting. In the case of young athletes, however, the procedure of selecting the best Double Wall Softball Bat becomes considerably more difficult.

There are two other elements to distinguish from the feeling of using the bat, in addition to style and weight.


Thankfully, the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus has a terrific look and feel when in use, as well as a weight reduction of up to -11 drops. This is an excellent pick for children aged 10 to 13.

Its incorporated S1iD Barrel Technology gives it a fantastic pop immediately outside the package. You don’t have to wait for it to enter to notice a boost in performance.

The blended, zero-friction double-wall design on this bat gives it a lot of pop. The bat achieves maximum flexibility without requiring much effort or resistance, making it an excellent choice for young softball players.

Its sweet spot is pretty large, extremely light, and wonderfully balanced. Newcomers will surely benefit from swinging the bat.

The bat’s iST technology decreases negative feedback when hit poorly and provides a terrific comfortable feel with its high-quality dry synthetic grip handle.

Overall, this is the best double-wall bat that money can buy for young softball players.

Read this post to learn about the Top 15 Best USSSA Bats Ever.

Pros Excellent value

  • Despite its little weight, it has a lot of pop.
  • Negative input is minimal, and the handle grip is comfortable.
  • Only suitable for children aged 10 to 13 years old. Juggy OVL Slowpitch Bat by DeMarini
  • It’s nearly difficult to dislike any rad-looking bat after holding it in your hands, no matter how you see it.

DeMarini Juggy, on the other hand, has the greatest quality on both sides – these double wall slow pitch softball bats look amazing and feel great to use!

It is suitable for soft compression because of the well-designed doubled walled construction, and it is suitable for heavy-hitters who want to hit it out of the park every time they play since it is end-loaded.

The usage of Znx alloy handles protects the structure of the double wall composite softball bats. The bat’s bass boosts the bat’s strength and durability.

The increased exchange of the ball causes the bat to become more stiff. This bat has a ton of pop!

Juggy, like every other bat, has several drawbacks. It can only be used in the ASA League. As a result, you might refer to it as an ASA double wall softball bat.

It’s also only available in 34 “sizes, but it comes with a variety of weighted drops, so you may go with whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Looks fantastic.
A nice pop with a soft compression
The handle is made of a zinc alloy.
Only for ASA is a stamp die available.
Slightly more expensive than the already available service 6. Mizuno F20-CRBN (Mizuno F20-CRBN)
It’s difficult to find another bat that compares to the Mizuno F20-CRBN in terms of value for money.

There’s a lot more to it than its distinctive, appealing design.

The bat has XZone tech, which adjusts the total angles of the ten fixed points of the barrel to produce a massive sweet spot.

Because the F20-CRBN is built of black array carbon, it has a faster break-in time than conventional bats.

Its anti-shock construction also decreases vibrations, which helps it to withstand all types of defective injuries.

The durability, on the other hand, is what gives it its genuine worth. It is the most economical bat on this list of the finest double wall softball bats in terms of price, but it does not sacrifice on quality.

The bat is constructed utilizing the Cylinder Seaming Construction Process, which extends the bat’s lifespan.


  • Anti-shock features
  • a distinct appearance
  • Affordable
  • All leagues approved Large sweet spot Cons
  • Only with a -10 weight loss is this option possible.

Anderson Bat Company Women’s Rocketech 2.0 The Anderson Bat Company Women’s Rocketech 2.0 is another outstanding low-cost bat that 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat will provide you with a lot of superb service.

This “muscular” best double wall softball bat is end-loaded, according to Anderson bat reviews, giving hitters the sense that they can confidently send the ball outside the park.

Its enlarged sweet spot is more accommodating to beginners who are attempting to improve their diamond performance.

Another key benefit is that it minimizes inertia, making the bat more pleasant to handle and allowing hitters to swing with more ease.

The velvety, padded grip offers you a tight grasp while gripping it, and the spiral pattern gives you a secure grip.

According to Anderson Rocketech 2.0 reviews, this 2021 Rocketech slowpitch double-wall softball bat is certified by ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA, ensuring that you can use it while traveling.

  • Advantages End-loaded bat
  • Low-cost
  • Grip is plush and cushioned.
  • Cons of a Low MOI
  • Only comes in a 31″ size, which reduces the weight to -9.
  • Softball Bats with Double Walls: Our Final Choice
  • The EASTON GHOST ADVANCED is one of the greatest double wall composite softball bats on the market.

It offers amazing pop, a large sweet spot, a vibration-absorbing knob, and superior ConneXion tech technology, making it one of the company’s bats with the best experience for its users.

This will make it simpler for the bat to hit home runs, and failing to fully endorse the bat would be an insult to the product, which we will not do.

As a result, selecting EASTON GHOST ADVANCED for the game cannot be a mistake.

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