7 Kid Baseball Helmet Reviewed: Batter’s Box Protection on a Budget

By | May 14, 2022

kid baseball helmet 

A child baseball helmet can protect your child from serious head injuries caused by a beanball. A 9-year-old boy, for example, can toss a baseball at 45-50 miles per hour. When this pitch becomes a rogue ball, it has the potential to strike your child’s vital organs, causing serious harm.

Similarly, this is why some leagues require catchers to wear full-fledged youth catcher’s gear behind the plate. Batters and fielders, on the other hand, do not have the same level of protection as catchers.

As a result, parents must ensure that their children are dressed appropriately when entering the playing area. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 kid baseball helmets to keep your child safe when swinging in the box.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Baseball Helmets for Children

Baseballs, as previously indicated, may reach speeds of up to 50 mph on average. As a result, once inside the batter’s box, young athletes, particularly batters, are at risk. As a result, children must wear a kid baseball helmet with exceptional specs to aid them advance their game.

When purchasing a child’s baseball helmet, look for the following features:


The materials used in a child’s baseball helmet determine its overall durability, weight, and quality. Furthermore, superior materials maintain a healthy balance between the three categories mentioned. When purchasing a child’s baseball helmet, seek for one with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic shell.

ABS’s resistance to denting makes it ideal for baseball helmets. Furthermore, its lightweight design allows players to move around freely. Finally, as compared to other materials, it is less expensive. Finally, ABS delivers an outstanding mix of toughness and weight without being too expensive.

Accessory Attachments

Manufacturers usually include attachment slots for jaw guards and face cages in kid baseball helmets. This construction method allows manufacturers to reduce the cost of their helmets while still allowing customers to customize them.

Some kid baseball helmets, on the other hand, come with the aforementioned attachments. When selecting a kid baseball helmet, however, having the option to add a jaw guard and face cage is critical.


The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certifies baseball equipment that complies with the highest safety standards. As a result, if a baseball helmet meets the NOCSAE safety standard, it only indicates that it offers complete protection against baseball impacts.

7 Excellent Baseball Helmets for Children to Choose From

EASTON Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

Brand: Easton

Type: Kid Baseball Helmet

Easton specifically designed the Z5 2.0 for batters who give their all in the box and within the diamond. Featuring an ABS plastic shell, the Easton Z5 2.0 provides excellent durability without compromising weight.

Furthermore, the Easton Z5 2.0 features a dual-density foam interior that helps cushion the impact of baseballs. In addition, this foam interior provides wearers with a soft and comfortable helmet feel. For overall comfort, Easton also incorporated a wrapped ears design for the Z5 2.0, protecting the ears of batters for maximum protection in the box.

Moreover, the Easton Z5 2.0 utilizes a Bio-Dri inner liner that helps fight off bacteria, odor, and sweat. Lastly, the Z5 2.0 meets the NOCSAE standard for safety, making it one of the best options for a kid baseball helmet.


  • NOCSAE Certified
  • ABS Outer Plastic Shell
  • Dual-Density Inner Foam
  • Bio-Dri Liner
  • Dual-tone matte finish


  • Meets the NOCSAE safety standards for baseball protective equipment.
  • Offers moisture-wicking fabrics to help minimize distraction during games.
  • The combination of the dual-density foam liner and abs plastic shell offers exceptional protection.
  • Strategically placed vents to help players stay cool under the sun.


  • The helmet doesn’t come with a jaw guard or face cage.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Highlighter Series Softball Helmet

Brand: Rawlings

Type: Kid Baseball Helmet with Face Guard

If you’re looking for a batting helmet that provides excellent protection within the diamond, then you should give the Rawlings Highlighter Helmet a try. The Rawlings Highlighter Series comes with a pre-attached face guard, providing batters with absolute protection during games.

In addition, Rawlings incorporates their revolutionary Coolflo technology on the Rawlings Highlighter Helmets. As a result, users benefit from the increased airflow the Rawlings Highlighter helmets provide as they run around the diamond.

Furthermore, the Rawlings Highlighter Series features an open-cell foam that helps protect the head from rogue balls and beanballs. Moreover, Rawlings based the Highlighter Helmets on professional player specifications that helped the helmet reach the NOCSAE standard for protective equipment.


  • Open-cell foams
  • Solid matte finish
  • Rawlings COOLFLO Technology
  • NOCSAE Certified
  • Pre-attached Face Guard


  • Offers players increased protection around the diamond because of the included faceguard.
  • Allows users to stay cool even during the hottest games.
  • Suitable for both tee-ball and Little League players.
  • Features specifications based on professional models.


  • The inside foam lacks in terms of quality.

Rawlings MACH Matte Baseball Batting Helmet Series

Rawlings brand

Baseball Helmet for Kids

The majority of baseball fans are aware of the high quality of Rawlings Catchers Masks. Rawlings transformed this attribute into a no-compromise performance in the box and on the diamond for batters.

To begin with, the Rawlings Mach has an unique MACH shell construction that protects athletes while still allowing for adequate airflow and breathability. Second, Rawlings used the MACH shell in conjunction with the IMPAX inside cushioning. As a result, both the outside shell and the internal padding diffuse the impact of baseballs, offering a high level of protection within the plate.

Finally, the Rawlings MACH is certified by NOCSAE, giving it a perfect alternative for athletes who require complete protection during games.


MACH Outer Shell 19 hues to pick from IMPAX Interior Padding Meets the NOCSAE Standard
Junior and Senior sizes are available.


  • Has a two-level force dispersion system on the outside and inside.
  • Players can use the screw holes to attach a faceguard or jaw protection.
  • The ventilation system is excellent.
  • For a professional appearance, it has a streamlined profile.


  • No faceguard or jaw shield are included.

Easton Alpha TBall Baseball Batting Helmet, 2021

Brand: Easton

Type: Tee Ball Kid Baseball Helmet

All playing levels, including Tball baseball and softball, benefit from the adult-level specs of the Easton Alpha. Furthermore, the Easton Alpha has great specs that qualify it for all levels of play to fulfill the NOCSAE standard.

The Easton Alpha also comes with an ABS Thermoplastic Shell, which is more durable than conventional ABS. Furthermore, Easton developed the Alpha Tball Helmet to be lightweight, allowing a child’s mobility on the diamond to be unaffected.

The Easton Alpha’s dual-density inner foam liner is located on the other side of the outer shell. This design makes the helmet more comfortable to wear and helps to buffer the shock of a ball during direct contact. Finally, the Easton Alpha comes in modest sizes ranging from 6 14″ to 6 7/8″.


  • ABS Thermoplastic Shell
  • Dual-density foam
  • BioDri Fabrics
  • Removable Easton Logo
  • 6 ¼” – 6 ⅞” sizing


  • Incorporates moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabrics.
  • Features excellent specifications considering its price point.
  • Extremely lightweight but durable construction.
  • NOCSAE Certified for all levels of play.


  • The interior foam of the Easton Alpha Tball lags in terms of quality.

Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet

Under Armour is a popular brand.

Custom Baseball Helmet for Kids

When playing baseball in the heat, your child will need the best kid baseball helmet to keep cool. Another important worry is that a child’s sweat causes the helmet to stink. The Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet will keep you safe in this situation.

To begin, the Converge Batting Helmet features huge ventilation vents and HeatGear liners all around. As a result, the Under Armour Converge effectively distributes heat while also allowing cold air to enter, which is especially beneficial during heated games.

Second, the Under Armour Converge has a tough helmet shell with precise ridges and grooves that increase its overall resistance to ball strikes. Finally, Under Armour’s anti-odor technology eliminates odor-causing germs within the helmet.

t ball batting helmet


  • Ridges and Grooves in Strategic Locations
  • Liner with HeatGear
  • Strong lining system
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Faceguard attachment screw holes


  • The shell is strengthened by strategic ridges and grooves.
  • Heat is efficiently dissipated thanks to the big ventilation apertures and HeatGear.
  • Anti-odor technologies and moisture-wicking materials are available.
  • Players under the age of 11 are welcome to play.


  • The UA Converge’s true color is lighter than stated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baseball Helmets for Children

kid baseball helmet

Q: How do you size a youth baseball helmet?

Parents can measure their child’s helmet size by using a tape measure. Firstly, use the tape measure to wrap around the head of their child just above the ear tip. Secondly, gather your child’s head circumference in inches. Lastly, use this measurement when looking at a manufacturer’s helmet sizing chart.

Q: Are baseball and softball helmets the same?

Typically, a kid baseball helmet can last from 2 up to 5 years depending on its use. However, players can still use their helmets as long as it meets the NOCSAE certification. Owners can opt to recertify their helmet if it’s within ten years from the date of its initial certification. If not, then they’ll have to buy a new kid baseball helmet.

Q: Can you wear a softball helmet for baseball?

As stated, baseball and softball helmets are not the same. For instance, a softball helmet features a bigger faceguard eyehole for better visibility. Since a baseball is smaller than a softball, there is a possibility that the former can enter a softball helmet’s eyehole, causing injury. Therefore, we do not recommend players to wear a softball helmet for baseball.

Q: How do you know if a baseball helmet fits?

A baseball helmet should fit snugly on its wearer’s head. In addition, there should be no excess space between the inner foam and the skin, preventing the helmet from moving during games.

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