Most used bat in college baseball 2019 – 2021

The best colleges compete for the championship in June of each year. Most manufacturers choose this event to showcase their new bats. In the College World Series held in 2019, 5 baseball bats gained immense popularity and attracted everyone.

With the most used bat in college baseball 2019, you have to deal with quite a fastball. The size of the ball can be 14 to 16 inches. You can deal with these balls with a maximum of 42 inches of the bat. For professional level leagues, your bat must be made of wood.

most used bat in college baseball 2019
most used bat in college baseball 2019

But in high school or college leagues, you can use an aluminum bat that must be a maximum of 34 inches. Some most used bat in college baseball 2019 is also made of composite material.

Let’s find out about these 5 popular bats.

Top 5 most used bat in college baseball 2019

1. 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro

The 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro bat retains the Rawlings’ superiority over tradition. Its design is quite beautiful and the balance of the swing is extremely good. The players have felt quite comfortable with this bat. Interestingly, after 200 swings, more powerful shots can be taken from the bat.

The sound of the ball connecting with this bat is loved by all the players, coaches and spectators. This sound is a lot like soft ping where other BBCOR bats sound like crackling. The bat will feel quite soft during the swing due to the balance. Plus, this is most used bbcor bat in college!

Rawlings reinforced the barrel in the structure of the bat and constructed new ways through the collar focused flex.

They have also added a new cover to the bat to increase the trampoline effect on the ball connection. Despite the changes, the bat adheres to all BBCOR policies. So you will see the BBCOR certificate at bat.

2. 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta

Another famous bat of the 2019 series is the 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta. The LS Meta bat is a three-piece composite bat that gives a good balance with wide suite spots. The combination of blue and black is also very nice to see this bat.

The eco composite used in the bat has made it different from the previous models. A hitter can hit the ball quickly as there is a stiffer connection point to meet. There is not a single sound in the sound of the ball from the bat.

3. 2020 Ax Elite

The new addition to the Ax series bat is the 2020 Ax Elite bat. Like the previous bat in the series, it is also quite popular.

Ax Elite bats are basically two-piece hybrid type bats. This bat is made with power heaters in mind. That means you have to expend some energy to get the bat swinging.

The new bat in the series is relatively light.

The barrel is also much thinner and thinner than the previous bat. The weight of the swing is reduced so that you can easily increase the speed of the swing.

4. 2020 Rawlings Velo ACP

Velo series bats are also quite popular. You can safely count on this Velo series for its elite-level performance. Players of different levels feel quite comfortable playing with the bat in this series. This bat is used in college division leagues or small leagues.

The new Velo series bat is quite light in weight. It is a one-piece hybrid type made with Ai909 alloy. The Velo series uses urethane infusion for less vibration at bat-ball sounds.

5. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo

The Louisville Slugger is quite a light bat so you can swing fast. The SPD end cap makes the bat lighter and uses Hyper Alloy so you can swing the bat much faster. Plus, this is one of the most expensive baseball bats in the current marketplace!

With single-piece alloy, you will get a very comfortable grip on the bat. So you can control the bat quite well. And for its Vibex handle, the bat-ball connection will feel less vibration.

Composite BBCOR Bats

At present, the prevalence of Composite BBCOR Bats at the college level is declining. However, Composite BBCOR Bats are still most used bat in college baseball 2019, even in high school.

These are also best baseball bat for 13 years old!

One of the main reasons for this is that the high school players are not as physically strong as the college players in Division-1.

However, alloy bats get different performances depending on the level. You can take a look at our list if you are interested in Best BBCOR Bat For Smaller Players.

Why can’t a wooden bat be used in college baseball?

College baseball follows all BBCOR rules and regulations. College baseball bat rules are quite important to follow!  So every player in college has to use the compulsory BBCOR bat. However, the use of aluminum alloy bats is allowed.

In the past, many have said that wooden baseball bats should be used in college baseball.

Also, wooden bats have been used in major baseball leagues and professional leagues since baseball was first invented. However, since the invention of the metal bat, the metal bat has been used more in non-professional leagues.

Advantage of baseball bat wood type

There are several differences between aluminum alloys and wooden bats.  Cheap wood bats in bulk are the main target of the people! However, wooden bats have more advantages than aluminum alloy bats. They are:

  • Bat Response: In aluminum (most used bat in college baseball 2020) bats the player feels less impact of bat-ball connection whereas in wooden bats this is quite well understood.
  • Player Ability: The wooden bat weighs equally on all sides. As a result, a player can get a bat with enough balance and take good shots according to ability.
  • Skill enhancement: The best aspect of a wooden bat is that a player can learn to hit skillfully.
  • Improving the idea of ​​barrels: Sweet spots are fixed in advance on the aluminum alloy bat. There you have to find out for yourself on the wooden bat where the sweet spot is. By hitting you will find the sweet spot. This is very important to increase your player skills.

What is the best college baseball bats bat made of?

One piece wooden bat is allowed in college baseball. However, players usually use metal bats more. Prior to 2011, bats made of composite material were used.

Most used bat in college baseball 2019 are of a composite material were quite light in weight. As a result, the players could easily send the ball far away. So in 2011 the NCAA announced a ban on composite bats.

It is very difficult to choose and buy a new bat. Especially at the beginning of the season. Most companies name the bat in such a way that it makes it more difficult.

Each bat has a slightly different style and feature. Since each player prefers a variety of features, the bats mentioned above seem to be the best in the current market. And, demarini bats are also quite popular, which is left off from out list because of the short list.

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