wood or aluminum bat for self defense which one is the best?

A good baseball bat is essential for self-defense in 2020. People are losing their jobs all the time, unemployment is rising and people are getting frustrated. Overall, the number of thefts or robberies has increased manifold.

So, there is no doubt that a good baseball bat is a very necessary element for self defense. You can leave it at home very simply by using baseball bat as a weapon.

But the question is which baseball bat to buy? wood or aluminum bat for self defense?

wood or aluminum bat for self defense
wood or aluminum bat for self defense

Should you buy a large wooden bat wrapped in wire or a small aluminum bat? you can even buy Most used bat in college baseball 2019.

In this article we will try to answer these questions. Let’s find out now wood or aluminum bat for self defense.

My personal opinion about wood or aluminum bat for self defense

In my opinion, the Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher bat is the best in terms of self defense.

At 29 inches long, this bat is perfect for any type of home defense. Polypropylene has been used to make this bat which is almost impossible to break.

This Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher bat will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about breaking it when using it in any serious situation. You definitely don’t want a bat that breaks easily on someone or something.

You can buy a baseball bat for home security during this Corona disaster. In that case Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher may be the best choice for you. However, boone aluminum bat is also a nice option!

Do you want a long or short bat?

Although the Brooklyn Crusher is 29 inches long, it can be shorter for someone taller or shorter for someone shorter.

So you have to buy a bat of any size with which you can easily swing and change direction. However, Best BBCOR Bat For Smaller Players might be a good option.

In that case there are two options for your convenience. Brooklyn Whopper which is 36 inches long and Brooklyn Shorty which is 20 inches long. However, keep in mind that being taller means you weigh a little more, and being shorter means you weigh less.


All three bats – Brooklyn Crusher, Brookly Whopper and Brooklyn Shorty – have the same quality of fish bat self defense. The bats will not break easily. The only difference between them is height and weight.

If you are tall and looking for a long bat whose weight you can easily handle and which will keep you away from the target, then of course Cold Steel Brooklyn Whopper bat can be on your shopping list. It is a 36 inch long brittle bat.

And if you are not tall and looking for a relatively short length of bat so that you can easily swing, you can buy a Cold Steel Brookly Shorty bat. This is also a fragile 20 inch bat.

You can also check out some more Brooklyn series bats from the list below for self defense. Choose bats based on your height, weight and ability.

If for some reason you don’t like these bats or they are out of stock, you can choose Franklin Sports T-ball Bat or Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Bat. These bats are also good for self defense.

How to use wood or aluminum bat for self defense?

You may need to use a baseball bat defense length in various ways for self defense. Because the attacker will only attack you from the front but may not. You can also be attacked from one side or from the back.

The best baseball bat for self defense

Franklin Sports T-ball bat

You may be wondering, how will this little t-ball bat for self defense protect you from being attacked? Interestingly, this little t-ball bat is one of the best bats for self defense. Whenever you buy a bat for self defense, keep in mind that you may need to use the bat in a variety of situations.

You may like a bat that weighs a lot. The amount of damage is more. But overweight bats will slow you down.

But with this small t-ball bat you can swing very fast. This small bat is very effective in close counters.

Franklin Sports T-ball Bat You will get different sizes. When you buy, buy the size of your choice so that you can swing easily. Although there is no such thing as a perfect size, try to buy one that is a little smaller than your standard size.

In terms of wood or aluminum bat for self defense: This bat is made of aluminum and is very balanced in weight so you can swing and control quite tightly.

It also has a high-truck grip that allows you to control and handle it quite smoothly. As a result, there is no possibility of the bat slipping from your hand.

You should never buy a cheap bat to save money when buying a bat for self defense. But sometimes a cheap bat is also quite useful.

T-ball Bat is not very expensive. It’s pretty cheap. It is perfectly suited for self defense. You can do the same thing with this bat for less than buying an expensive bat for 300.

1. Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Baseball Bat is another famous and popular bat for self defense.

Many people prefer this wooden bat because of the density of the bat. This wide wooden bat is capable of doing more damage by striking with tremendous force. The aluminum bat bounces when hit by something hard which is not the case with this wooden bat.

You can buy this small bat made of wood so that it can swing easily and control well. Small wooden bats are more useful in close combat than large bats of large weight. Swinging big and heavy bats requires more energy which will make you quite slow. As a result, the attacker may benefit.

Many complain that the wooden bat slips and falls out of hand due to lack of grip. In this case you can use grip tape bat separately. If you prefer a wooden bat, it is advisable not to use a bat of any other material.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Baseball Bat is black. Hundreds of users have given good reviews using it.

It’s a good idea to look at reviews before buying anything. But since you are looking for a bat for home defense, reviews may not help you much.

2. Easton Beast Speed ​​Baseball Bat

We like this bat for self defense. Because it is quite light and ATAC Alloy One-Piece has been used in its construction.

Due to its balance design it feels very light which makes it very easy to swing with a lot of power. You will also feel good strength with the bat in hand.

The bat is quite sturdy as ATAC Alloy One-Piece is used. The bat will not break even after hitting something in the very pair. The wooden bat often breaks. But since this bat uses aluminum and alloy, it is much stiffer than a wooden bat. As a result, it is less likely to break during use in self-defense.

If you are ever in danger, you need a baseball bat that will allow you to swing with all your might without losing your balance. When it comes to the wood or aluminum bat for self defense, this Easton Speed ​​Baseball Bat is quite useful especially for such situations.

Using Lizard Skin Grip will make you feel quite premium and comfortable. Moreover it can be used very easily with maximum power including swing. It won’t even slip out of your hand.

You can also consider this bat when buying a bat for self defense.

3. Lucile – The Walking Dead Bat

The barrel of this baseball bat is twisted with barbed wire. Although the bat is quite dangerous and plastic has been used instead of wood in its construction.

These bats are quite standard. With the bat in hand you will never feel like you are holding a plastic bat. You will get the feel of a lot of wooden bats from this bat.

Although it is a plastic bat, Barbad has made it quite dangerous. If someone comes to attack you, you can knock him down with one blow of this bat. Get the feel of the famous TV show The Walking Dead using this bat.

This bat is deadly enough. But I don’t think it’s for the best self-defense.

Because, we don’t live in an imaginary world where everything happens exactly the way we plan. Sometimes you have to hold the barrel for quite some time but you can’t do that because there is barbed wire.

This is a big problem. It is true that if you hit someone with a bat wrapped in barbed wire, it will cause a big wound. But Barbad can’t hold on for long because he’s there. As a result, you may be in serious danger.

So in my opinion, this bat is more effective at scaring than self-defense.

4. Rawlings Raptor T-ball Bat

This Rawlings Raptor T-ball Bat is very popular among the ball bats. Entry level players use it a lot.

This bat is also very effective for self defense. Because it has a beautiful design and is very light in weight. This is one of the most beautiful episodes of Control and Power.

Its weight is 12 drops. That is, the more drops, the less weight. Being light in weight, you can swing fast.

It is quite durable and tough as 1-piece alloy is used in its construction. You can use it quite well year after year. The grip of this bat is also quite good. Due to which the bat will not fall out of your hands.

Its price is quite low. Low price means that its value is not low. In Customer Reviews you will see countless good reviews.

Things to consider before buying wood or aluminum bat for self defense


Be sure to check and verify the price of the bat first. However, the bats for self-defense are not very expensive.

Below 100 you get a pretty good bat. There is no need to buy a bat for 300 for self defense. Expensive bats are used in baseball league games. These expensive bats will not give you any protection separately.

The size of the bat

There are no rules for the size of the bat for self-defense. You can buy mini bat self defense or large size bat of your choice.

When buying, buy the kind of bat with which you can swing with all you might and easily. If you want to buy a bat for youth, then Best Baseball Bat for 13 year old might be a good option to look at!

However, many people prefer small size bats like t-ball bats. Because it is very light in weight and they can swing fast. Also sometimes in some situations you may have to take part in close combat. In that case the use of small size bat is more effective than full size bat.

 Because it allows you to easily change direction and repel the attacker from different angles.

wood or aluminum bat for self defense

There are many who prefer wooden bats to aluminum bats. Because the density of wooden bat is higher than that of aluminum. Also the aluminum bat bounces when hitting something which the wooden bat does not. Due to its high density, its impact is also high.

But wooden bats weigh more than aluminum bats. Again, more cheap bats can be broken.

Aluminum bats, however, can usually swing much lighter and faster. Its stability is also quite good.

Whether you buy aluminum or a wooden bat, it depends on you how well you use it to deal with the situation.

Last word

Finding a good bat for self defense is not that difficult. The important thing is how you use the bat to repel the attack.

When buying a bat to defend you, don’t just look at the outside. You can change your bat to any color for beauty.

Whether you buy a bat made of wood or aluminum bat for self defense, make sure that you can swing it properly and control it whenever you need it.

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